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Why Should You Study in China?

If you’re considering joining a study abroad program, you’re already ahead of the curve. It’s not just a good career investment but it can open up a world you may cannot get in a classroom or even while on a vacation.

But what are some benefits of spending a summer or a semester abroad? For one, it can help you decide if you want to take on a new language or pursue an entirely new career path.

Why China? Besides 5,000 years of history and culture, China is the second largest economy in the world after the United States and Chinese is the world’s top spoken language in the world, followed by Spanish and English. Chinese is the third most popular foreign language people are learning today.

Let’s examine the facts. Employers are twice as likely to hire a college graduate with international experience with proficiency in a foreign language, according to study abroad professionals. Also, 90 percent of study abroad students reported finding a job within six months after graduation.


China is now an economic and political powerhouse. It’s also much more affordable to study in China compared to Europe, Japan or South Korea.

After a summer or a semester abroad, students walk away with a deeper understanding of China’s culture, heritage and history. But to be clear, China is not like Paris or Rome. It can pose challenges – which can force you to become more independent and develop a broader global perspective of life and your career interests. In other words, you can become a more sophisticated citizen of the world.

Compared to learning Chinese in a classroom, living in China opens the door to learning in many different environments. You can learn the local dialect as well as improve your professional and business vocabulary. If you do an internship in China, you will learn that the office culture is different and some companies have different management styles.

Studying in China will also allow you to travel across China during your free time. It’s something that’s not possible during a short vacation. Many students also use the time to explore the region and visit places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and other southeast Asian countries.

For many students, living in China is a lifechanging experience. They leave with new friends from China. And they often return for work or vacation after graduation. Get started today.

Hutong School students in Shanghai take a break from Chinese classes to go on a day trip
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