Hutong School


Hutong School was the first Chinese language school under foreign management officially licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Hutong School was founded in March 2005 in response to the growing demand of Western students, graduates and young professionals for internships and Chinese language courses in China. We are committed to creating new opportunities for young talented students by linking them with both Chinese and international companies in China. 

We attach great importance to the quality of our Chinese classes and internships, enabling students to acquire both linguistic and professional knowledge about China. Our Chinese teachers are all highly motivated and talented college graduates with a passion for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Our partner companies are equally passionate about training young talented people and sharing their professional insight with them. With students and representatives from more than 30 countries worldwide, Hutong School not only aims to introduce Chinese culture, but also to give students a chance to get a global perspective by exchanging views and ideas with fellow students from many different countries. Both Beijing and Shanghai are rapidly becoming true metropolises, continuing to attract people from all over the world.