TripScholar Team


TripScholar is a New York-based Educational Consulting company that offers unique study abroad programs through our partners in Shanghai and other cities in China. We help students at all levels — those in high school to post graduate programs — who want to explore China and study Chinese. We also work with universities and currently offer a unique summer program as well as long term programs for those looking to fully immerse themselves in life in China. China has a rich and diverse culture with endless places to discover. Our founders and advisers have lived and studied in China, Asia, Europe and the U.S. and we take pride in providing hands-on personalized attention throughout the application process


Ming Wei is co-owner and the Business Manager at TripScholar. Her study abroad adventure began when she packed up and went to the University of Essex in England with just a basic knowledge of English, and graduated with honors. As manager and financial director of a Western-owned language school in China, she’s worked with thousands of foreign students from around the world to ensure their Mandarin studies are successful. She is eager to help Americans and Chinese students discover both countries whether they’re studying the language, history or culture

Bryan Virasami is co-owner and Manager of Social Media & Marketing. Bryan spent a semester at Nanjing University while he was a college student in New York and has since returned several times to China to work and travel. He is a journalist by profession and is now focused on working with students in the US and China. Bryan is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and Hunter College.