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Hutong School, founded in 2005, is a top foreign-owned Mandarin language school in China with a strong reputation among overseas students and busy executives. Enroll in group or one-on-one classes in Shanghai or Beijing. 


TripScholar is an educational services company based in New York. We offer flexible study abroad programs in China. We offer hands-on guidance to US-based students who wish to spend a few weeks, a semester or even four years in Shanghai, or other cities in China. Our partners in Shanghai and Beijing offer flexible programs for college and high school students, executives and anyone looking to discover new opportunities. 



Prof. Zhang Tian is a lecturer at School of International Exchange at Shanghai Polytechnic University and has a Doctor of Arts. She teaches Chinese as a foreign language and modern Chinese grammar and has published a book. 

Lin Jia Hui: Dàjiā hǎo! Wǒ shì Lín jiā huì! I am from Taiwan, Taipei. Working in Hutong school might be one of the coolest thing in my life because I can know different countries from real person but not from cold books. I love people! And I love helping people! Being a teacher is the best thing in my life because I get to know about my students and help them discover who they are through learning Chinese, a total new language and help them approach Chinese and Chinese culture. In our class, we talk about food, traveling, movies or share some unforgettable experiences with each other. So come and join us, we are here for you!   

Huang Dan, Beijing Events Coordinator at Hutong School: Ni hao, I am Hope, so without me, there’s no hope. I really enjoy working at Hutong School. Talking with people from different countries, introducing good food, organizing fun events and exploring interesting places is my daily routine. If you want to know Chinese culture better, if you want to know Chinese language better, come and join us! Look forward to see you soon. 

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